Our Story

Guided by strong corporate leadership, Middleton & Associates focuses on the needs of our clients using multimedia marketing technology. We [...]

ONE: STRONG LEADERSHIP Peter Middleton has been a leader in the real estate market for the better part of two [...]

Middleton & Associates is a highly committed, high-performance company that strives to make every transaction a positive experience—whether you are [...]

Our goal is to be the most respected group of realty professionals in one of the country’s most coveted locations. [...]

LIKE MANY THINGS, THERE IS NO SINGLE “RIGHT WAY” TO MARKET A HOME Any real estate agent that claims to [...]

However, my favorite part of the job has remained consistent: witnessing the excitement when a family finds a home they [...]

Some real estate agents will over-promise and under-deliver. We don’t work that way. Here are just some of the advantages [...]

…and the decision to sell your home certainly falls into that category, people increasingly want to know the guiding principles [...]

Meet The Team


We want to build relationships and please our clients with unmatched levels of professionalism and customer service. We know if we treat you right you'll come back to us and refer others to the company.

When i go see clients in their new home, and their five-year-old tugs on my hand saying, "Come seemy new room" like its the greatest thing on this earth...that's when I feel I have the greatest job in the world."

- Peter Middleton